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Fun Facts

Did You Know?

What is the official airport designator for Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport?

DFW — Official Airport Designator for Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport

When was DFW opened?

Opening date: January 13, 1974

When did the first flight arrive into DFW?

12:07am, January 14, 1974, from Little Rock, Arkansas, on an American Airlines Boeing 727

Where is DFW located on the globe?

Longitude 97 degrees, 02’49” west. Latitude 32 degrees, 53’79” north. Elevation 603 feet above mean sea level.

What is the DFW Airport Board?

The Airport is operated and managed by the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport Board. The Board is comprised of seven members from the City of Dallas, four from the City of Fort Worth, and one non–voting position occupied by each of the Airport’s neighboring cities of Irving, Grapevine, Euless and Coppell (on an annual, rotating basis).

How is DFW Airport managed?

The Chief Executive Officer, who is appointed by the Board, manages the Airport. The Chief Executive Officer manages a staff of 1,800 employees.

How large is DFW Airport?

The Airport covers more than 29.8 square miles; real property consists of 18,076 acres (7,318 hectares). The Airport is situated in the cities of Irving, Grapevine, Euless and Coppell. In terms of land mass, DFW Airport is the second largest airport in the United States and the third largest in the world.

How many runways does DFW Airport have?

DFW has seven runways, including five north–south parallel runways and two diagonal runways:
  • Runway 17L/35R 8,500 x 150 feet
  • Runway 17C/35C 11,400 x 150 feet
  • Runway 17R/35L 13,400 x 200 feet
  • Runway 18L/36R 11,400 x 200 feet
  • Runway 18R/36L 11,400 x 150 feet
  • Runway 13L/31R 9,000 x 200 feet
  • Runway 13R/31L 9,300 x 150 feet

General Facts

  • DFW Airport is second largest in acreage (18,076.297 (7,318 hectares or 29.8 square miles) among US airports. (Denver is first.)
  • DFW Airport is larger than the island of Manhattan.
  • DFW could contain New York’s JFK, Chicago’ O’Hare, and Los Angeles International airports with room to spare.
  • DFW Airport covers parts of four cities and two counties: The cities are Coppell, Grapevine, Euless & Irving and the counties are Dallas & Tarrant.
  • May 15, 1989 - Space shuttle Atlantis is piggybacked into DFW on May 16. It was the first landing by a space shuttle at a commercial airport
  • The fossilized bones of a marine reptile, or plesiosaur, were found during the preliminary excavation of the airport. They are now on display in the airport’s Central Utilities Plant.
  • DFW Airport has 40,000 parking spaces
  • 95% of the domestic United States is within four hours flying time of DFW
  • DFW is the only airport in the world with 7 operational runways. (Verified w/ICAO. O’Hare also has seven, but one is not operational.)
  • Maximum simultaneous take-offs - 4
  • Maximum simultaneous landings - 3
  • Average number of take-offs & landings - 1100 of each per day
  • An airport viewing area, Founders Plaza, is available at the north end of the airport for the public’s enjoyment and provides unparalleled views of the airport. The new Founder’s Plaza is scheduled to open to the public on Friday, September 18, 2008.
  • DFW has three DVORDME Doppler radar towers. They are named Maverick, Cowboy and Ranger.
  • With a staff of 681 volunteers, the DFW Airport Ambassadors provide the following services:
    • Vital assistance to passengers and visitors who arrive in and depart from the Dallas-Fort Worth area via DFW International Airport
    • Meet travelers and direct them to connecting flights, bag claim and other Airport facilities
    • Offer welcoming smiles and accurate, up-to-date information about area attractions, hotels and other amenities
    • Bilingual Ambassadors provide much-needed translation services appreciated by international visitors
    • Strive to raise customer service to the highest level of any airport in the world with friendly, responsive volunteers in the terminals
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